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At Elite we offer an extremely unique board and train program. All board and train dogs live in the house with me and are fully immersed into the daily routine of the house, not kept in a kennel and worked with once or twice a day. This allows me to get faster results than what is possible with a kennel board and train program that last and makes it easier for the dog to transfer what its learned into your home. Another unique feature of this program is that your dog is with me 5 days a week and home with you for 2 days every week. This is done because it allows you to not only see the progress your dog is making each week, it also allows you learn to maintain the training I've done in small steps while giving the dog a break. It also allows me to assess the dogs behaviour when they return for the next week of training and identify anything that may create a  problem later on and fix it early. In some cases I may not send the dog home for the two days if I feel we're at a stage in the training where it would be counter productive to do so, or if you live too far away for a pick up every weekend to be practical. Board and Train is also a great alternative to a boarding kennel while you are away, in which case it is also not necessary for the dog to go home 2 days a week. I only take one board and train dog at a time so space is limited


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