Weekly Training Sessions

A great option for mildly reactive or aggressive dogs that cannot come to group classes, in this program we meet once a week for 5 weeks and show you train your own dog and it is up to you to work with the dog daily in between training sessions. This program is suitable for dogs of all ages with mild to moderate behaviour problems.

Home School Program

Our unique home school program is a 3 week long program that offers you the benefits of a board and train program while still being able to keep your dog at home! This program not only allows you to keep your dog at home while going through a professional training program, it also allows me to work with the dog in the dogs home environment and address specific issues that occur either in the home, in the yard, or even on walks. I come to your house Monday through Thursday to work with the dog(s), and on Friday I show you what I have done for the week and how to maintain the training. There is no need for you to be home Tuesday through Friday. This program is 3 weeks in duration and suitable for dogs who just need a little obedience training as well as dogs with serious behaviour issues.

Young Family with Pet Dog